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24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

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Event Location and Schedule:

24 HoP Weekly Nets (Zoom Meetings)

ZOOM Links will be emailed out prior to the meetings.

DateDayStart Time
02-DecemberMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)
16-DecemberMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)
06-JanuaryMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)
13-JanuaryMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)
20-JanuaryMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)
27-JanuaryMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)
03-FebruaryMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)
10-FebruaryMonday8:00pm (0300 Zulu)

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Latest Event Updates

2023 Event Recruitying Kickoff.

Latest webpage changes (04oct2022 olw): Updated Task/Team descriptions.

Mission Statement

Amateur Radio Operations will be used to aid in the health and welfare of the event participants by providing site wide communication to the event and medical staff.

Communications Coordinators

Primary Coordinator: Owen Watson, AK7W
Email: [email protected]
Backup Coordinator: Steve Lane, KY7K
Email: [email protected]

Maps, GPS Data, Job Descriptions & FAQ

Event Frequency Information

Primary UHF FM Simplex Frequency: 446.200 MHz, PL 100.0Hz

Secondary VHF FM Simplex Frequency: 147.560 MHz, PL 100.0Hz

APRS Frequency: 144.390 MHz

APRS Path:WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1
APRS Beacon: If available use SMARTBEACONING, otherwise beacon rates no faster than 3 to 5 minutes will suffice.


  1. Net-Control has operational control of all aspects of the net. This is a directed net
  2. Fielded Fixed Stations MUST have a full sized, pl tone capable, UHF/VHF mobile radio with a full sized mobile antenna. Handy Scratchies are optional
  3. Vehicle Rovers MUST have a full sized, pl tone capable, UHF/VHF mobile radio with a full sized mobile antenna. You must be able to SAG a minimum of 1 rider and 1 bike
  4. Hiker/Biker Rovers MUST have a minimum of a pl tone capable, UHF/VHF handy-scratchy. Bring plenty of batteries!!
  5. GPS Coordinates WILL be reported to net-control using the WGS84 Datum, Latitude and Longitude reported in degrees/decimal minutes. Use of a GPS is optional

Directions to Net-Control

From ORACLE Junction: the intersection of HWY 79 with HWY 77 (a.k.a Oracle HWY):

  1. When you reach Oracle Junction, initially try to check in with Net-Control using the primary UHF frequency. If there is no response then try using the VHF frequency. Continue attempting to make contact with net-control until you get checked into the net (do not forget your PL tone).
  2. As you are heading from Oracle Junction to Oracle, proceed 4.8 +/- 0.2 miles down HWY 77 to the Willow Springs Road intersection. You will turn left (NORTH)onto Willow Springs Road.
  3. You will travel 9.3 +/- 0.2 miles on Willow Springs Road and do a nasty little 150-ish degree hairpin turn onto 24HOP way. Be careful, this turn off is VERY easy to miss. But during the event there will be an official check-in tent set up (food donations are here) and so it will be a no brainer to see where the turn off is at.
  4. Once you are on 24HOP way, Net-Control is located 1.62 +/- .01 miles from the hairpin turn.
  5. Electronic MAPS and GPS data are provided above, simply scroll up and download them as you see fit.

Operations Schedule

To signup or review the 2023 Schedule, go to SIGNUPGENIUS.COM

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