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22-23 June 2019

Radio Society Of Tucson

Field Day Wrap Up

Planning for Field Day started in March. The planning this year contained a backup plan for what to do if the customary Mt. Bigelow site was closed. Fortunately for us this year, we had a fairly cool and wet spring, so the mountain stayed open for Field Day!! This year the Catalina Radio Club (CRC) and the Radio Society of Tucson (RST) went up to Mt. Bigelow in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson AZ. The mountain not only provides a 6,000 ft elevation gain over the valley, but gives the locals a break from the 100+ temperatures in the valley. As a back up plan, the clubs would separate and hold Field Day at other locations. Happily, we didn't need a plan B this year.

For those that like to camp, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some camping in also. The mountain does hold some surprises. The wildlife ranges from squirrels, pretty little black and white kitty (skunks) to bears. We have had a variety of furry and feathered visitors that weren't on the roster. On top of that the weather is very different. Sometime is rains up there when it wouldn't rain in the valley. The temperatures are cooler, especially when the sun goes down. So in June, you need to go prepared for cold weather as well as warm weather. This is something that typically catches visitor off guard. The weather for the weekend was fantastic!!

Field Day was a huge success. There were 65 - 70 hams and non-hams that made their way up onto the mountain. We operated 4A with 2, 6, 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 m CW and SSB. Operators had the opportunity to change bands to chase contacts. We didn't have a station operating digital modes. That can be a goal for next year. we were able to get a number of newly licensed and unlicensed folks on the air.

We had a small contingent that went up to the mountain on Wednesday, 19 June 2019 to save the spot and do forward scouting with others camping on the mountain. Most of the band captains arrived Thursday night or Friday and started setting up their stations.

We had the opportunity to have many natural antenna supports, called trees. Something that we don't have the luxury of down here in the valley. Bill, K7WSC, one of the CW band captains had a very nice, completely self-contained antenna system that didn't need the trees. We had ample generators to power the stations, even with one of the CRC club generators that didn't want to start

Bill, K6WSC, Antenna

Bill, K6WSC, Antenna

Scout Troop 157 planned to do the cooking for the weekend as a fundraiser for the troop. Some arrived Thursday night to pitch some tents and save their space. The troop arrived later Friday evening and jumped right in cooking. They were also able to work on some badges also. Over the weekend, they did a fantastic job of preparing meals. Some of the scouts even got on the air. The scouts did manage to make a profit. And the clubs decided to chip in another $100 each so the scouts could make even more.

Scouts On The Air

Scouts On The Air

Scouts On The Air

Scouts On The Air

The fun started Saturday, 22 June 2019 at 11:00 local time. And we were off and running. During the day more and more people began to show up. Parking became a huge issue. During the day on Saturday, the CRC Chairman, Bryce, KR0CKT, did a satellite contact class and Randy, KD7KEQ, held a class on radio direction finding or fox hunting.

Bryce, KR0CKT, Satellite Class

Bryce, KR0CKT, Satellite Class

We had a variety of antennas. Most of the antennas were dipoles. We had a 6m beam in the trees. We called that the "spider beam" because it looked like Spiderman put it up. On 2m SSB, we had a phased 2m loop antenna that was making contacts quite a distance away. The Get On The Air Station used a W3EDP end fed antenna. The W3EDP antenna worked surprisingly well.

Overall, everyone that came up to visit Field Day had a really good time. A number of the kids were very excited.

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Entry received at: 2019-07-23 02:52:45 UTC

Submitted by: David Holman, AC7DS     E-mail:

Call Used: W7SA     GOTA Station Call: K7RST     ARRL/RAC Section: AZ     Class: 4A

Participants: 70     Club/Group Name: Catalina Radio Club/Radio Society of Tucson

Power Source(s): Generator

Power Multiplier: 2X

Preliminary Total Score: 3,222 (Additional 300 points pending bonus documentation)

Bonus Points:
100% emergency power400
Public location100
Formal message to ARRL SM/SEC100Pending documentation
Formal messages handled (10 x 10, max of 100)100Pending documentation
Site visit by invited elected official100
Educational activity100
Youth participation (15 x 20, max of 100)100
Safety officer100Pending documentation
Social media100
Entry submitted via web50
Total bonus points1,250
Score Summary - Pending Cabrillo log/dupe sheet
Total QSOs4160304 
Total Points83203041136  Claimed Score = (QSO points x power mult) = 2,272
Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:
GOTA    2100
Total416 0 304 
GOTA Station: No GOTA Coach
NameCallQSOsBonus Points

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