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For the official Arizona list of coordinated repeaters visit the ARCA Repeater Listing Webpage

RST Repeater Status

DTAR registration is a two part process. Fill out the registration form. Enter your call sign in UPPER CASE, your email address (very important!) and a password. Remember your password, you will need it in the future. Please read the agreement document, and then click on the “YES” radio button to accept.

Press "OK" to submit your request. A pop-up dialog box will appear, press "OK" to confirm your request. This is step ONE.

After the request is submitted, you will get an approval email with further instructions. Look for it.

Step two is for you to set up terminals. Your registration is not complete until you complete this step!! Follow the instructions in the acceptance email to complete this step.

DStar Registration: Register your Callsign for D-Star here.

Tucson Local Repeaters

10m Repeaters

6m Repeaters

2m Repeaters

220 MHz Repeaters

440 MHz Repeaters

900 MHz Repeaters

1.2 GHz Repeaters

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